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fishing scroll saw pattern


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Fishing poem:

Upon tranquil waters, with trusty rod in hand, I cast my line, hopeful strands gently expand. With unwavering patience, my faithful guide, I await the fish, their elusive nature I confide.

Sun’s golden rays paint the serene scene, Nature’s brushstrokes tinge the lush green. A subtle tug, a thrill running through my soul, The fish has bitten, pursuing its destined role.

With steady grace, I retrieve, reel, and pull, An ancient contest, a challenge to the rule. Its scales shimmering, hues vivid and alive, A captured moment, pure bliss does derive.

In solitude’s embrace, I find respite and calm, Worries and troubles dissolve, like distant psalm. For within this timeless pursuit, this angler’s dream, I discover solace profound, my purpose redeemed.

So let me cast, and let me wander in thought, Beside nature’s gentle stream, tranquil and fraught. A fisherman’s joy, an eternal connection unwound, To ponder, to angle, in harmony, I am bound.